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Discovered 48 years ago,  has been celebrated by the jewelry and gemstone industry for decades! My discovery of this stone was only a few years ago though when I began this amazing journey at . Since then, I’ve come to truly appreciate each of the incredible blue colors tanzanite has to offer. Of course, everyone loves the dark purplish blue tanzanite associated with the finest quality gems, and people everywhere aspire to own a piece of such Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings caliber one day. But, there’s something to be said for tanzanite’s lighter hues as well. So, I’m choosing to celebrate ALL of tanzanite’s breathtaking hues by aspiring to own in every shade, and I’m starting with these awesome picks below!
Let’s start with the lighthearted shades of tanzanite. The soft periwinkle tones remind me of hydrangeas in full bloom. It’s great for when you’re feeling whimsical and flirty like those warm summer nights on the beach!
Next up, I’ve chosen some tanzanite jewelry pieces in a slightly deeper blue. These calming mid-tones are perfect for when I’m feeling cool and relaxed. Not to mention, it pairs beautifully with denim and therefore, casual Friday!
Last but certainly not least, I give you my wishlist for tanzanite jewelry in it’s deepest hue! There’s nothing subtle about this bold blue, and that’s why I love it for those days I’m feeling energetic and confident! Try it with your power suit sometime soon and add a little drama to the boardroom.
I hope you’ll agree, each of tanzanite’s incredible blues deserves to be celebrated and join me in wearing these breathtaking hues.
Flapper Fashion: Bijou Drive Jewelry Collection!
We are having a major throwback moment today. Visions of speakeasies, flapper dresses, fancy cars and exceptional jazz music have been dancing in our heads. It is all because we have a jewelry collection here that is roaring much like the decade of the 1920s
As we don these decorative, design-focused styles, we take a step back in time to appreciate pieces like this from the decade that sent America into the modern age.
The 1920s era was one of major social and political change. Americans flocked to the cities more than ever before, leaving the rural lands behind. Exponential economic growth took the people by storm and most were swept right into a mass-culture, consumer society. People were listening to the same music, dancing the same dances, using the same slang, buying the same goods…the times were racy, urban and new. Women Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Earrings were working white-collar jobs and voting! All things which led to dramatic and fabulous fashion! No longer were there societal pressures to “wear your wealth.” It was time to party and express yourself in freedom and in fashion.
Many of the remind me of the necklaces worn in the 1920s. There was a turn to longer styles where bold Art Deco colors were popular.  The cubism  art movement inspired many of the designs – they did not have to look like anything realistic. Simple shapes alone or abstract representations of flowers were wildly popular.
White Crystal Silver Tone Statement Necklace
Another popular look was that of the “dog collar”. Pieces like this featured large square, triangle, trapezoid or pointed oval stones set in heavy casings wrapped snugly around the base of the neck.
As for bracelets in the 1920s, the higher they climbed up the arm, Cheap Van Cleef Clover Earrings the better. Mono-chromatic looks that featured inset gems were all the rage! fit this fashion well – multi-link designs that add that layered look and stones that mirror the metals.
White Crystal Silver Tone Stretch Bracelet
Ladies of the 1920s had shorter hair and sported cloche hats, leaving their necks exposed – thus came the obsession with drop earrings. Longer and rhinestone-crusted looks were the goal, they created a new sort of sophistication that demanded respect…much like the women who wore them. Another popular look was matching earrings to attached to the cloche hats! Check out how fabulous the are – talk about sparkle-encrusted Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings and elongating pieces.
I have had too much fun looking at these pieces and doing my research! I have been picking out my glamorous gold, silver and black tone looks – I didn’t even get to show you the roaring! Make sure you pop over to the site and have a look for yourself. Now that I feel urban chic and fancy-free I just have to learn the dances and chop my locks to really fit in! Thanks for accompanying me on my nostalgic trip to the 1920s, I hope you get to stay a little bit longer.

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