It’s Not So Black-And-White: Tehya


When it comes to clothing I tend to stay within the color spectrum, bright and colorful, soft and floral.  It is never dictated by fashion directives like, “no white after Labor Day.”  It is my Replica Cartier Love Ring personality which dictates what I wear,  I guess you could say, I wear my heart on my sleeve.
This is why I have never felt comfortable in black and white.  I know it’s popular, there is even an entire retail store dedicated to the concept, but there may as well be a sign in the window that says to me, “no patterns, no color, no Anne.” So let’s talk about what I like to call the “Lulu.”
“Lulu” Free-form Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Multi Stone Wooden Buckle Bracelet
Then we made the Lulu necklace and bracelet, sending my spectral dial haywire and black and white has never looked as good.  When Lulu, Ms. Personality, is draped colorfully over it, it joins two worlds together, taking color into the shadows and bringing shadows into the light – any wardrobe is changed forever.
Lulu doesn’t stop there.
Lady in Red will go from head turner to show stopper in 72.”
For comfort colors, ocean blues, greens, shades of dusty rose, Lulu brings everyones personality to the surface and a new life to those dead to you dresses buried in the black hole of your closet.
Color is what you see at first glance, what you will sense and feel from Lulu, is the love from which she was created.  You see,  Lulu,  is one of our oldest friends,  mine from birth,  and Steve’s from kindergarten, and she hand strung the natural Mediterranean  Spiny Oyster,  Pink Shell,  and Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring Corneola Shell given to us from one of our newer friends, The Cimmino’s,  and with the shared passion of a love of sea,  she created 72″ of perfect stone combination, leaving behind bits of her love and personality.  These pieces all come from hands and hearts that share a love of love of the sea and of course the lasting bounds of friendships.
Lion-Hearted: Leo-Inspired Jewelry
Today marks the day the sun heads in to Leo until August 23rd which means that for now, the lion reigns supreme in the star map…and, thus, in my wardrobe.
Normally, I’m not much of an astrology lover or follower, but some force has been pulling me to be more brave, courageous and fierce in my life choices. The pull is almost an unexplainable one, one that seems it might be celestial and when I looked at my horoscope, it all made sense! The time of Leo can be described with words synonymous to the ones I mentioned before, and so many more! For example: active, fearless, determined, magnetic, fiery, passionate…the list goes on.
Celestial energy is a very intriguing idea and with all of these empowering feelings dominating my spirit, I can’t help but think of the animal that embodies all of these strong traits: the lion.
Lions are celebrated as symbols of strength and courage. They are known as the “king of the jungle” representing royalty, majesty, might and power.
So to remind myself and my spirit to remain lion-hearted, I picked out a Cheap Amulette de Cartier Ring few pieces. Dare to check them out? If you’re on the prowl for something powerful and fabulous, prey on the pieces below!
Are you ready for a piece that roars? Check out this Park Avenue How fierce is that? I love the intensity of the blue diamond eyes next to the big white diamond mane.
18k Over Bronze Wave Design Bangle With Lion Head
This is a necessity in any go-getter fashionista’s jewelry wardrobe. A piece like this adds sophistication and fire to killer outfits because it is bold and gold. Make sure you wear yours with a dramatic solid color like cobalt, marsala or emerald green so that the design gets the attention it deserves!
Looking for a cute, more subtle way to stay brave and stylish? When I saw this I thought “oh my gosh, that would be precious for everyday wear!” because it isn’t too flashy for an office look and it is just sparkly enough to be relevant in jewelry fashion. I think this would be a great gift for any working professional.
Gold Tone Green & White Crystal & Black Enameled Lion Ring
Okay talk about intense fashion pieces. This ring is phenomenal. Now, recently, I’ve been sporting big cocktail ring looks on my pointer finger. It sounds a bit Knockoff Trinity de Cartier Ring strange but once you try this look, you’ll be hooked. So with this I might just have to sport it in that exact fashion – front and center on the pointer finger.
Rhodium Over Sterling Silver Lion Mesh 7 1/2 Inch Bracelet With Center Studded Ring Made In Italy
Sleek and stylish. So this mesh feels good on the wrist and looks good with any outfit. I imagine I might wear mine with a stack of other and just have an arm party!
18k Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver Zodiac Leo 18 Inch Necklace
You know that when I write and look at the product I have picked for Fake Cartier Ring my blogs, I always have to mention a favorite – which is hard because I don’t enjoy showing favoritism when the truth is that I would pull my wallet out for any of these pieces; however, this takes the cake for me. Oh, and did I mention that we offer a as well? I love how dainty and feminine it is – something that can be layered, stand alone, worn with a nice dress on date night or out to a casual lunch with friend in jeans and a t-shirt. The other thing that I love is that it reminds me of who I am – a Leo lady in the Leo star reign: lion-hearted and ready to do big things.
As always, I wish you the best and happy shopping! Remember to be lion-hearted, brave, passionate and mighty – for you! Breathe in courage and exhale fear, just like the king (and queen) of the jungle.

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