Inside Rémy Rotenier’s Design


I came to jewelry from a love and appreciation of the arts.
As soon as I was able to hold a pencil I wanted to draw. Recently my mother told me she drew an elephant for me when I was three. She says I looked at her and Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings said uhn-uh!  That elephant wasn’t good enough.
I participated in art programs from the start, and I was always sketching during all the other classes! But what to draw? By the time I finished high school I also wanted to learn about gemstones and started taking evening classes to become a graduate gemologist from the French institute (ING). The program was three years of evening classes. And one day it just clicked: I love gemstones and drawing is my passion. Voilà! I will design jewelry.
Some of my friends became stone setters, others excelled at being bench jewelers or model makers.  I just wanted to draw.  And in the jewelry business you could spend your whole career being a designer who actually draws all day!  We are the first stop in the creation of jewelry.  From the design on paper, the jewel starts its 3-D journey.
What I particularly love about freehand design is that there is no separation between you and your design. It is created by your hands.  Maybe that is why Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Earrings I care so much about each piece and call them my babies.
The women in my family sparked my fascination with jewelry. My grandmother was very much in love with diamonds and emeralds but she also loved the details of the settings and designs in many of her pieces. She would show me an intricate clasp that disappeared into brilliant design, the back of an emerald pendant, and her famous locket that inspired me to do the Je t’aime locket.
To capture this spirit of great stones from my youth, I designed the Rémy cut with the help of Nancy and Steve Attaway who are designers and spectacular lapidaries. I wanted my center stones to have a bit more character and an old European feel. Who would think that a diamond simulant could be made with a cut of diamonds that has been modernized? Using the wonderful Bella Luce stones enabled me to innovate while looking to the past for inspiration all with the brightest, clearest, and most affordable stones.  They so remind me of my grandmother’s diamonds that they bring me back where everything started: with entire evenings spent looking at her jewelry and how it made us both happy…
The structure of the has three stones emerging from three pavé branches which meet two stones emerging from two pavé branches.  I wanted to re-create the color combination I had used in a high end ring which had a kunzite stone and purple and pink sapphires. The pink stone is nestled in the middle of the darker tones which Cheap Van Cleef Clover Earrings makes it stand out by contrast. The pink, purple and blue tones play well with each other and create an atmosphere a bit between cool and warm, really pleasant to look at.  In Paris my friend and gemology teacher Anne had suggested a ring with multi colored stones would be really nice for my Bella line.  When Leslie who helps me produce the jewelry line and coordinates communication between design, manufacturing, and , picked up the first sample of the ring she put it on and pretty much didn’t take it off.
The oval star sapphire in the is delicate and soft looking. It changes character under every different light source, always revealing its mysterious and shifting six-branched star. A complex chemical process aligns the needle like crystals within the stone just as it does in nature. The star floats Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings across the surface above the rich blue depths and follows the light.  Star sapphires seem alive and a bit different every time you look at them.  Looking through the finger the design is most elaborate: scrolls of gold with small Bellas, a wave-like pattern and the top is engraved with delicate scrolls.  The elegant flowing design and scrollwork are typical of 18th century design, the height of the Rococo era.  These details are beautifully sculpted.
Like a ribbon tossed over a chain, two long smooth pavé pear-shaped bands support two pear-shaped Bella Luce stones creating the  The sparkling drapes are of different lengths reinforcing the look of an informal, loose drape and support pear-shaped stones that look like sparking water droplets.  The pendant combines fun and beauty and looks fantastic when worn: elegant, refined, and playful.  The pendant was so successful during its first outing on that we designed the matching earrings for the next show.  It was a technical challenge to figure out how to get the two drapes to remain offset on either side of the ear.

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